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I grew up knowing about God the Father when I was young but it wasn’t until just before I was to be married that I began the best relationship of my life with Jesus Christ. I battled with my weight forever – and had bouts of anorexia and bulimia throughout my adult years as I tried to measure up to the expectations of others and how I thought I should “look”. In my desire to be skinny for my wedding, and knowing that throwing up wasn’t the answer, I turned to a Christian based weight loss study, where Jesus met me right in the middle of my mess. Not only did he show me HIS GRACE which freed me from the slavery that food and weight had in my life, but he showed me HIS LOVE!!! A LOVE that I could not have imagined. Not based on my behavior, what I looked like, or how I performed, but based on HIS goodness, HIS grace and HIS mercy. WOW! I couldn’t believe it. I remember driving home from the Bible Study one night, and God spoke to me the words of my first Christian song “Feed Me Thy Will”. What was weird was I heard Him say that I would write “Worship” songs too.  Humm… I grew up in the music industry – my mother was an opera singer in NY, I played piano and clarinet, but at the time, as a baby Christian, I had no idea what “Worship” even meant.

Fast forward several years – and I begin to know what a “Worship” song was.  It is a “Praise” song, right? The songs that churches put up on overhead screens instead of sing from the hymnal? haha  The ones where you have a band and a drummer, instead of an organ. Isn’t that a “Worship” song?  I laugh now because God has taught me so much about “Worship” since then.

I started out serving on the “Worship” team for several years at my church, and also started a kids “Worship” group called “Morning Glories”.  I began writing Contemporary Christian songs for the kids, as well as for people who were hurting, as a way of giving them a personal note of encouragement. That moved into writing for my sister Rachelle Bleakley, who is a Christian recording artist.  Today I write mainly for the Church, and Indie Artists who desire to share the message of Jesus Christ through music ministry.  I am honored and humbled to know that God uses my songs to draw his people closer to Him.

I started PraiseWorthy, several years ago, as my sister began to get radio airplay and sing on TV.  The company began as a self-publishing tool for my songs which began receiving royalties because of the radio airplay.  To my surprise other churches were actually singing my songs as well, so I thrilled.  A few more songs on the radio, a few streaming and some traction in the TV/Film arena, and gradually, God stirred my heart to expand the company.  PraiseWorthy is now a boutique publishing company.  We work with a handful of select Indie Artists, Songwriters, and Producers who have a heart for ministry.  Our focus is sharing the truth of God’s word, one soul at a time, and “Embracing Grace, One Note at a Time”.  We love it when our songs reach top Praise & Worship charts, and are selected for cool stuff like TV/Film, but the most satisfaction comes from seeing how God can touch someone through music.

Today — I know a little more about “Worship”.  I understand that it is not just a song.  It is a lifestyle.  As I grow in surrender, then I will know “Worship”.

OUR MISSION: God has given me a mission to share His Grace and Truth through music – Psl 40:3 “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.” My passion is to be an example of a true “Worshipper”. I pray that you will join all of our artists and songwriters at PraiseWorthy on the journey to discover what “Worship” really means. And that together we can bring a message of hope to a world in need of a Savior.

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